companyDiane C. Carroll SQ was founded back in 1930 and has been operating successfully over the years. It is now currently managed Nora Moddy who is the daughter of the founder. The fact that it has been passed from mother to child who both have experience in law, provides a sense of safety that the client is in good hands.

As one of the most experienced law firms in Florida, we have been able to serve several clients successfully and maintain a productive relationship. In order to serve all, we provide legal services to both individuals and companies. One of the main things that the company highly values is trust. In the legal industry, trust is highly important so as to ensure efficient provision of services.

In order to ensure efficiency, our team of lawyers are categorized in accordance to expertise. This allows them to provide better services as opposed to randomly selecting lawyers to serve a client. As opposed to other firms, each of our clients is handled as a priority. This means that the lawyers only handle one case at a time. This allows them to fully concentrate on the case and provide better service. This is what makes us stand out from the rest of the other law firms.