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Joel Feldman Featured on Public Citizen for Efforts to End Distracted Driving

distracted driving summit

Anapol Schwartz partner Joel Feldman continues to be recognized for his nationwide efforts to prevent accidents caused by distracted driving. This week, he was featured in Public Citizen’s Civil Justice Project Spotlight: Attorneys who stand up and make a difference for consumers.

Feldman’s unstoppable campaign combines more than 30 years experience as a highly successful personal injury lawyer with the personal experience of losing his daughter in a distracted driving accident. The result is a highly effective presentation that has reached thousands of people all over the country.

End Distracted Driving (EndDD) continues to attract the attention of the media as well as trial lawyers who want to volunteer their time for the cause.

“He’s motivated more than 800 attorneys to give presentations in their communities by sharing his PowerPoint presentations, sample letters he sends to schools, focus group research, and other tools and tips needed to effectively reach groups about the dangers of distracted driving,” according to Public Citizen.

EndDD’s educational and inspiring talks present sobering statistics of a safety crisis and offer steps for drivers to help themselves and others around them drive safer.

UIM Auto Insurance Covers?

Underinsured motorist coverage, or UIM auto insurance, can be an important part of your car insurance plan. If you are hurt in an accident and the other driver does not have enough car insurance to cover all of your injuries and damages then UIM will require your own insurance company to pay the difference up to the amount of your injuries and damages. Without UIM, you may be stuck paying the difference on your own.

In order to collect UIM benefits from your insurance company then you must follow the proper procedures to make your claim. Failure to do so may prevent you from recovering money even if you paid for UIM coverage. Thus, it is important to start protecting your rights as soon as your accident occurs.

The video below explains what to do if you were hit by an uninsured driver.